How To Give Your House A Fresh Look

Have you purchased a home that needs a lot of work to make it look nice? Perhaps your present home is older now and it's just time for you to give it a fresh look. Here are some ideas that might help you to make your house look like it belongs in a decorating magazine.

  • The Outside - Probably one of the best things you can do to the outside of your house is to have it repainted. If you love the color you already have, obviously, keep it. However, if you want something new, consider combining neutral colors with brighter ones. For example, if you have selected gray as your main color, turquoise green for the paint on your front door and for the wooden shutters on your windows would add a contemporary and dramatic look to your home. If you have a brass door knocker, bell ringer and door knob, shine them up to look like new.
  • The Inside - A good place to start is to have the inside of your house painted. Think of using the colors of nature which will go well with the rest of your decor. For example, yellow, green, blue and ochre are all good choices because they represent the sun, the trees, the sky and the earth which dominate landscapes that are a good backdrop for everything from fields of flowers to modern buildings. Of course, white is a good choice, too, since it goes with everything. White is a great color for baseboards and chair rail, no matter which colors you have selected for the walls. Special touches will add drama to your rooms. For example, faux painting your entryway walls to look like marble would create a very elegant look. Stencils of trains above windows and doors for a little boy's room or a wallpaper border of bunny rabbits for the nursery are examples of how to enhance walls.
  • Additional Work - Do an inventory of how your furniture looks. Does the wood need refinishing? Does the upholstery need to be cleaned or replaced? Perhaps pieces are outdated and you need to buy new ones. Do any of your lamps need new lamp shades?  What about your home decor? Do you need framed pictures or paintings on the walls? Do kitchen cabinets need to be painted to give them a fresh look?

A painting contractor like APC Services will have the experience and the training to give you suggestions of what kind of paint and what colors go together.