2 Paint Hacks To Help Clean Up Your Paint Job

So, you're ready to paint and you have all the essentials... brushes, rollers,, masking paper, tape. These tools will get the job done, but a few extra products can help make your paint job look even better. Some of these things are not even sold in the paint section and some of them might be lying around your house, but they will be helpful nonetheless. Painting is a difficult job that can get messy even if you do have the right tools. Try these simple hacks and techniques to make your painting a little easier and cleaner.

Cut Out Cardboard to Place Can and Brushes On

As you move around your room and paint you need to move your stuff around. You might have a paintbrushes, rollers in a tray, paint buckets, rags and other supplies that you need to have near the wall you are painting. A simple and cheap solution is to cut out a large piece of cardboard. Place all of these items on the cardboard so you can conveniently move it around as you progress along the walls. Also, the area around the paint bucket is bound to have the most spills. When you spill on the cardboard there is less risk of walking on it and tracking it throughout the house.

Use Spackling Paste for Cleaner Lines

Painting the edges of of your walls is the most technical part of the project. If you don't have experience it can be hard to clean lines, even if you use painter's tape. Unfortunately, even the most expensive painter's tape can leave splotchy lines. This is usually a result of the texture from the wall surface creating small gaps underneath the paint lines. You can fill these holes with spackling paste to get better lines.

The trick is spread spackling paste along the edge of the tape. Spread it very thin and make sure you cover the line thoroughly. This will basically block the holes and prevent paint from seeping under the tape. After the spackling paste is spread (you don't even need to wait for it to dry), just paint as you normally would. When you peel the tape away, the line should be great. If the spackle was spread thinly enough, you will not even see any signs of it.

These 2 hacks will definitely make your paint job a little less messy and more professional looking. For more help, contact a professional, like Klenosky Paint.