2 Household Remedies To Prevent Paint Blocking From Occuring In Your Home's Interior

Choosing a new paint color for the walls inside of your home can be an exciting and overwhelming process. Painting involves many different components that it can be easy to overlook paint blocking until it is too late. Paint blocking occurs when two freshly painted surfaces come into contact with each other. This usually causes the paint to transfer in order for you to separate the two surfaces. This can easily make your new paint job look incomplete and damaged before it even has a chance to fully dry. This problem frequently occurs in tight spaces like between a door. Fortunately, there are a few household remedies that you can use to prevent paint blocking from occurring.

Place Wax Paper in Between the Surfaces

Wax paper is frequently used as a baking surface because it prevents food from sticking to the surface. If you ever bake cookies or other sweets using wax paper, then you will be able to remove the item without any transfer or damage. This same concept can be applied when using wax paper to prevent paint transfer. After you have painted your surface, wait for it to dry for a few hours, then place wax paper in between the two surfaces. For example, if you are painting a door, then wait for the door to lightly dry for a few hours. Place the wax paper in between the door and the door jamb. This will prevent pain from transferring from the door to the door jam.

Apply Baby Powder to the Surfaces

Baby powder contains talcum powder which is often used as a remedy to limit sweating, but the powder can work well to prevent two surfaces from sticking together. The powder should be used after the freshly painted surfaces have been allowed to dry for a few hours. Gently coat the surface with the baby powder. You can use your hands to apply the baby powder since a brush may be too damaging to the freshly painted surface. Apply the baby powder in order to keep the surface from sticking until it fully dries.

Finding out that your freshly painted cabinet is sticking to another surface can ruin all of your hard work. Trying to fix the problem after it happens can be time-consuming. Therefore, use these simple household remedies to prevent your paint from blocking the next time you paint your home's interior.

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