What To Know About Roof Coatings

Roof care and maintenance can be easy to overlook, but failing to adequately care for this part of a home can lead to serious damages and problems. In particular, individuals that fail to adequately care for their roofs can find that their home suffered extensive water damage. An excellent way of helping to protect your roof and extend its lifespan is to apply a roof coating.

What Does A Roof Coating Do?

Over the year, your roof will be exposed to large amounts of water. In addition to the rain, this moisture can also come from condensation and frost. Prolonged exposure to moisture can be remarkably damaging to a roof due to the fact that it can rot the wooden components and the asphalt shingles. When a root coating is applied, it will act to create a protective barrier that prevents water from being able to seep through it.

Can Any Type Of Roof Be Coated?

One of the great advantages of a roof coating is that it can be applied to almost any type of roof. Typically, the only style of roof that can not receive this treatment will be a gravel roof. This is due to the fact that the coating will be unable to seal all the small gaps and crevices that exist between the gravel rocks. Additionally, your roof will need to be in reasonably good condition in order to benefit from this coating as sections that are already rotted or otherwise water damaged will not be repaired by the application of a roof coating.

Will The Effects Of A Roof Coating Be Permanent?

Unfortunately, the benefits of a roof coating will gradually start to degrade. While the coating will prevent water from seeping through it, exposure to water and intense heat can gradually weaken the protections offered by the coating. This means that you will need to apply these coatings on a fairly regular schedule if you are to keep the roof as protected as possible. Luckily, these coatings can last for many years before they will have to be reapplied, and this will greatly reduce the inconvenience and cost of using this to protect your roof.

Being exposed to heavy rainfall, intense sunlight and condensation can be very damaging to a roof, and homeowners that fail to protect their roofs from these issues can find themselves needing to pay major repair expenses. By understanding the way that a roof coating will prevent these issues from causing damage, the fact that most roofs can benefit from these coatings as well as the need to have a  new coating applied every few years can keep your roof in great condition for many years. Visit a site like http://stetsonpainting.com for more information.