How To Make Your Paint Job Look Pro

Painting the inside of a commercial building is fairly simple. But the hardest part of any interior paint job is creating clean lines. You can paint 99 percent of the wall very quickly and easily, but making the edges and lines look good takes more patience and skill. This article explains how to create the best lines along edges that have and don't have molding.

Painting Where Your Don't Have Molding

Painting along walls that are marked off with molding is always going to be a little harder. This is due to the fact that there isn't a clear, bold line and because the texture means that painter's tape doesn't work very well. Usually, paint bleeds underneath the tape. So the rougher the wall texture is, the more problems you are going to have with paint bleeding.

One helpful trick to create better lines is to use spackling paste and tape. The trick is to apply the tape onto the wall as normal. Then, you use your fingers to spread some paste onto the wall, directly over the tape line. You apply the paste as thinly as possible so it does build up or change the texture of the wall. This spackling paste will fill the holes where paint would otherwise bleed underneath the tape. Once the paint is dry, you just peel it off and you are bound to have cleaner lines.

Painting Along Molding

Many walls are going to have a lines that are formed by wooden molding. Whether it is crown or baseboard molding, you want to tape it up. There are special painter's tapes that are designed for wood. They are usually a little less sticky. However, you don't want to use any type of tape if you have a rough-hewn on sanded wood. However, most people have solid color, smooth baseboard molding would. This means that the tape sticks very well, and you don't need to use the spackling paste trick.

You can also create clean lines with tape if you put the tape directly over the caulk. Most baseboards are going to be caulked at the corners. If this is the case, you can follow the caulk line with the tape, creating a strong seal and ending up with a cleaner line.

As you can see, there is really no right or wrong way to tape off your walls. You just need to use different techniques for different surfaces and materials. To ensure a professional job, consider hiring painting services, like American Best Painting Inc.