Are You Designing a Boutique?

Are you trying to get your boutique opened before the holidays? If the building is already constructed, or at least near constructed, then you are more than likely in the process of decorating it. If that's the case, here are two ideas that might help you to design a unique store that will invite your customers to stay and shop. 

Painted Walls

Do you already know what kind of wall treatment you want for your boutique? If not, consider going through decorating magazines to get ideas that would be perfect for your boutique. Look for wall treatments that will add interest to the overall design. For example, you might find a picture of a living room that is truly dramatic. Perhaps the walls of that room are painted in bright jewel tone colors. If you want that kind of look in your boutique, show the picture to the commercial painters you have hired and they can probably duplicate the colors. On the other hand, perhaps you fell in love with the subtle paint you saw that features eggshell blue or off-white in a picture of an elegant dining room. The commercial painters can mimic that look, too. The painters will more than likely have a portfolio of work they have done in the past, and you might get great ideas from their collection of work. 

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Added Accessories

Besides selecting the right color of paint for your walls, you are more than likely also interested in adding pizzazz to your boutique with other decorative touches. Consider the theme you have set. For example, if you selected brightly colored paint for your walls, you are probably wanting dramatic decorative pieces, too. Consider framing paintings of things you love and things you think your customers will love. For instance, it might be fun to frame pictures of wild animals like cheetahs, panthers, and lions, all pretty daring creatures. If you selected more subtle colors for your painted walls, think of framing pictures of poodles, cocker spaniels, and Chihuahua dogs, all pretty tame little animals. Or, go with a different theme. For example, if you selected the bold colors for your walls, think of buying Picasso-style prints or paintings and place them in heavy gold frames. Reproductions of old magazine advertisements, like models in clothes that were fashionable at the turn of the century, would go well with either bright paint or more subtle paint.