Are You Remodeling An Older Church Building?

Has your congregation outgrown the small building in which you are already meeting? Or, it might even be that you don't have a meeting house at all. If you were lucky enough to find an older church building that was affordable enough for your congregation to purchase, you are probably calling that a blessing rather than good luck. If you just need to make it look nice, then, here are some ideas that might help you.

Commercial Painting

Once the walls in the church are painted, you'll more than likely be thrilled at the change you'll witness. Unless you have members of your congregation who are willing to do the painting themselves, consider hiring commercial painting services to do the job. This might be your greatest expense, but later on, you'll probably realize that it was money very well spent.

The commercial painters will have the training and the experience to advise you on which paint to use on the outside of the building and on the inside of the building. In addition, they'll work with your budget with you. For the outside, a paint that will withstand harsh weather will probably be recommended. It might be more expensive than the inside paint. The painters will more than likely recommend that you use washable paint, especially in classrooms where children might have dirty hands. 

Think of going with serene colors that will add to the reverent feeling you are probably wanting to establish in the sanctuary. Off-white or soft pastels like yellows, greens or blues will all be good choices. Embellish the inside walls with inspiring stencils. For instance, words like Come Unto Christ or The Lord Is My Shepherd are just a few expressions that would be appropriate for your sanctuary. Stenciled crosses or doves are other ideas for your stenciled walls.

The Furniture

Were you able to find used pews for your church? If not, consider searching for them in stores that carry renovation furniture. If needed, buy unfinished wooden benches and have them painted, too. If you think that they will be uncomfortable, maybe you have skilled members of the congregation who will be happy to make seat cushions. Until you find the right pulpit that is affordable, consider using a small table, maybe one of the new tall ones that are in many furniture stores now. 

These are just a few ideas that you can consider for your church building. Be sure to decide which tasks should be delegated to your congregation and which ones should be delegated to professionals.