3 Tips For Painting Your Home When You Have Guests Over Often

If you are someone who enjoys inviting guests over on a regular basis, you may set your home up in a way that provides them with a positive experience when they come over. While you may feel rather content with how your home looks and functions, especially when it comes to satisfying guests, you may want to make a change or two around the house. A great idea is to hire a residential painting service to make your home an even better place for inviting guests over.


If you are interested in making an excellent impression on new and returning guests, you should think about painting accent walls in a pattern. This will automatically make one of the walls in a room stand out compared to the other walls, and even more so than if it were just a different color.

When you are interested in changing the decorative look in the dining room or living room, you can use a pattern to add visual appeal without having to change out any existing decorations.


Another way that you can make your home more suitable for guests is by painting the trim and walls in different colors. For instance, using bright white or another light color may look attractive in your home, but guests with young children or pets can make quite a mess with these light shades.

Going with any darker colors or shades will help you keep the trim and walls looking clean. You can also ask painters about what colors they think are the best options for minimizing upkeep because their knowledge and experience means they can help you make an excellent decision.


While picking certain color combinations will play a role in making your home more attractive to guests and easier to care for as a family, you should also pay attention to the finish. Although a flat finish might work okay in a shared room where your guests spend a lot of time, you will find that this kind of finish is a lot more challenging to clean when compared to other paint finishes.

When you want to make it as easy as possible to clean the walls, even if you have dark colors where dirt and grime blend in well, you should go with a glossy finish. A painting company can show you examples of all your options as this will help you decide based on appearance as well.

If you have guests over on a regular basis, you can provide them with a more enjoyable stay and make it easier for you as the homeowner when you invest in painting service.