Update Your Porch With A Coat Of Paint

Porches are a great addition to any home. They offer a way to enjoy the beauty of the outside, while still offering a certain level of privacy and seclusion. To maximize your time on your porch, you should put just as much attention on maintaining and outfitting the space as you do the interior spaces of your home. If your porch is more of an eyesore than a place of inspiration, a coat of paint might be the perfect solution.

Creative Staining Alternative

Staining is generally the go-to option when it comes to adding color to the floor of a porch. However, painting can be just as advantageous, if not moreso. Staining is generally limited in terms of the color options available, whereas with paint, you can choose any type of color you want for the floor. 

High-quality paints also typically have great mold- and stain-resistant qualities, which means that, with proper care, the color can remain vibrant for a long time. Just make sure you let a professional painter help you with the selection process to ensure the right type of paint is selected.

Added Texture and Dimension

If you have a narrow porch, paint is a great way to give the space more texture and dimension. For example, you could paint the floorboards in a dark grey, the railings in a bold black, and the columns in a darker shade of grey. 

All the colors complement each other, but their different hues also create contrast, which can add more dimension. This step will not make the size of the porch expand in terms of square footage, but the area will feel bigger, and it will definitely look more open.

Instant Curb Appeal Boost

Adding a coat of paint to your porch is a great way to gain some instant curb appeal. A painted porch adds character, makes a home look well taken care of, and makes the home stand out from the other houses on the block. Not to mention that it is a great way to give the exterior of your home a refresher.

Combined, painting the porch can make your home more attractive. If you have plans to sell your home in the future, this small addition can go a long way toward attracting buyers to look at the property. 

Painting possibilities are endless. If you are not entirely sure what direction you want to go with painting your porch, do not worry. Contact a residential painter for more information