Type 1 Wall Coverings: Ideas For Your Building's Main Lobby

Whether you want to modernize the outdated main lobby of your building or you have had some damage done to the interior of your building and you need to restore the area, Type 1 wall coverings can be the way to go. Type 1 wall coverings are thicker than traditional wallpaper but are not as durable as Type 2 wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is ideal for the more moderate traffic in your building, and your main lobby area fits the bill.

What makes Type 1 wall coverings great is this: the wall coverings are still durable and give you the professional, streamlined look you desire in the office, yet also give you versatility regarding your main lobby style and design as well. Just like regular wallpaper, Type 1 wallpaper allows you to put patterns, textures, and other designs on your walls without actually painting them.

The low maintenance and easy installation that goes into this type of wallpaper make it desirable for any business owner wanting to redesign and upgrade their main lobby area. Here are ideas in wallpaper styles to consider with your painter and wallpaper hanger specialist.

Vertical stripe texture

If you want to put a more solid color in the main lobby but incorporate texture at the same time, consider a vertical stripe texture in your Type 1 wall coverings. For example, you can pick a navy metallic vertical stripe on top of a navy base for the lobby's main walls, using a lighter wallpaper or even a light paint for an accent wall. This type of textured stripe can give your main lobby the appearance of being taller and larger without making the space too busy with a pattern.

Geometric neutrals

Putting a pattern in the main lobby of your building can be a wise choice if you choose something that is professional, like a geometric style. This type of design uses bold lines and geometric prints to draw the eye without being too busy or artsy in its appearance. Choose neutral colors to create these geometric designs in your wallpaper designs and you have a beautiful wall covering that is alluring and charming.

You should have your Type 1 wall coverings installed by a professional wallpaper specialist. This way, your wallpaper will be put in evenly and won't warp or peel as easily, and won't take as long to install. Your wallpaper specialist will give you an estimate for the installation and can begin putting the wallpaper up as soon as they have all the supplies they need for the work.

For more information, contact a Type 1 wall covering supplier.