Planning to Repaint Your Commercial Building? Why You Should First Invest in Sandblasting

One of the easiest and most effective ways to give an old building a facelift is painting. However, you need to know that repainting an old building is not an easy process. First, you have to strip off the existing coat of paint and clean up the debris. After the cleanup, you will have a smooth canvas. Sandblasting is one of the best ways to remove paint and other defects that a building accumulates as it ages. Here are four reasons why an expert should sandblast your commercial building before paint reapplication.

The Method Is Effective

One of the top benefits of sandblasting is its effectiveness. Removing materials that have stuck on a concrete or metallic surface or any other surface for years is not easy. Instead of wasting time cleaning with soap and using chemical solvents, go for sandblasting because it's the most effective technique. During the sandblasting process, the sand is fed through a nozzle. It hits the surface at extremely high pressure, stripping off every unwanted thing. You do not have to repeat the procedure to get the results you want, especially when an expert is doing it.

It Helps Prepare the Surface

When repainting an old surface, you have to worry about removing the old paint to have a clean slate. You also have to prepare the surface and even out all the blemishes. Failure to smooth out the surface before re-applying a new coat of paint often leads to the new paintwork looking imperfect. Sandblasting is like a two-in-one treatment because after you clean out all the dirt on the wall, it will also smooth out any small cracks, crevices, and other damages. It is easier to paint on a surface that has no contaminants and no blemishes on the surface. 

It Helps Reveal Major Weaknesses

It is also advisable to check the building for any hidden damages before covering them with a fresh coat of paint. For example, it would be very unwise to ignore the cracks along the foundation and those near the doors and windows. Such weaknesses typically indicate that your building might have developed foundation problems. Sandblasting bares the building so that you can see and fix these weaknesses.

It Simplifies Cleaning Up

Very little debris remains when you finish the sandblasting process. The particles of paint, grime, soil, and other dirt get mixed up with the blasting sand. The experts in blasting services collect it, simplifying your cleanup.

If your commercial building needs to be repainted, it's good to ensure you make the necessary preparation so the painting process can be successful. Sandblasting is a critical preparation step, and you shouldn't let professionals in sandblasting services handle it. By so doing, the painting project will be smoother and with excellent results.