Painting Your Home's Exterior To Give It New Life: What To Know

Your home can look worn with time, your gutters will face, your shutters can be stained or faded as well, and your soffit and fascia can also discolor with time. These parts of your home, although they may be small, can give your home an overall worn look. To give new life to your home, you can paint these areas and brighten your home to look nearly new. Read on for some house painting tips to get this all done.


You can paint your gutters, but you'll have to clean them thoroughly. Use a garden hose and a strong aluminum cleaner to clean the gutters. Spray them down to remove stains and debris, then allow them time to dry. Once dry, you can use a roller and paintbrush to paint the gutters on your house, but be sure to use exterior aluminum paint to paint these and prevent the paint from peeling off. Continue along until all of your gutters are painted.

Soffit And Fascia

Your soffit and fascia can also be painted, and if you're already painting your gutters, you might as well paint these areas also. Using aluminum paint and a roller/paintbrush, paint these areas as well on your home. You'll need to clean them before you paint them, in the same way you cleaned the gutters. Be sure you allow the soffit and fascia to be completely dry before you paint them. The gutters will also need to be dry if they were just cleaned, as they can drip down onto the soffit and fascia. Paint one coat, let dry, then add another coat if needed.


Remove your shutters from your home and give them a good cleaning. If they have a shine to them, you should sand them down and make any repairs to the shutters if they have cracks in them using paintable caulk. Once repaired and cleaned, you can use spray paint, or you can roll the paint on using exterior paint made for vinyl. Paint the shutters, allow them to dry completely, then give them another coat. Be sure the shutters are dry and set before you hang them up on your home so no paint transfers to your house siding.

If your home needs some new life and is looking a bit worn out, paint these areas of your home and give your home some curb appeal. Hire a professional painter to paint these areas of your home or your entire house.