3 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Painting Company Versus DIY

When painting or repainting your home or business premises, you have two options for going about it. You can choose a DIY paint job or hire a professional painting company for the job. 

Conducting a DIY paint job with the help of a friend seems enticing because you save money on labor costs. But, before you attempt a DIY paint job, consider the benefits of hiring a professional painter. 

Here are three benefits of hiring professional painters instead of attempting a DIY. 

1. Choosing the Best Paint

Most people who attempt DIY painting don't know how to choose quality paint. As a result, they usually select paint based on color and costs. But, choosing the paint to use should depend on quality and durability. Thus, you are likely to choose low-quality paint if you are not well versed in different paint brands. 

Professional painters have worked with a variety of different paint brands. Thus, a painter's experience with various paint brands puts them in a position to distinguish good quality from poor quality paints. So, a professional painter can advise you on the best paint brands based on quality and durability. 

Hiring a professional painting company ensures you avoid buyers' regret by helping you choose quality paint.

2. Avoiding Liabilities 

During a DIY painting project, an accident can occur. For instance, the friend helping you paint your house could slip and fall or fall off a ladder. If your friend incurs serious injuries, you have to cover their medical expenses.

But, if your injured friend isn't satisfied with you only covering their medical expenses, they might decide to sue you for a hefty settlement. Thus, attempting a DIY painting project poses a safety hazard and carries the potential for liabilities. 

Painting companies have worker's compensation insurance for their employees. Thus, if a painter incurs injuries while working for you, their worker's compensation policy will compensate them for their injuries. As a result, you will not be liable to compensate the injured painter. 

3. Getting a Warranty

Most DIY paint works fail because the people attempting them lack enough know-how to perform a good painting job. For instance, the dried paintwork can peel off if you forget to prep surfaces before painting them. But, because DIY projects don't have a warranty, you have to incur the cost of rectifying your mistake. 

When you hire a professional painting company, you get a warranty for their work. If any issue arises with the painting job done by the painters, the painting company will cover the costs of rectifying the work. Hence, they will not charge you extra to correct their mistake. 

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