Subdued Hues: Exterior Home Paint Colors That Have Been Trending In 2022

Drive down any road and you are likely to notice a trend in exterior paint colors for the home. The popular bright white and black paint theme is still around but more subdued colors are making their appearance on the scene. Moody hues have been big so far in 2022 and the trend will likely continue into the next year and beyond.

Moody blues

When it comes to exterior paint for the home, moody blues are a popular choice, and for good reason. Subtle shades of blue are serene and have a natural calming effect. With their grayish undertones, they take the popular neutral color palette to a new level and are easy to accent with rich shades of navy blue for shutters and trim.

Soft grays

If you are looking for a subdued hue that is always in style, look no further than soft shades of gray for your home's exterior. Medium and dark gray pairs nicely with black trim for a look that is serene with a touch of sophistication. A gray exterior makes it easy to choose a door in a contrasting color, such as yellow or teal to add an attractive pop of color to your home.

Mellow yellows

Buttery hues of yellow are perfect if you prefer a lighter color that is cheerful but not glaring. Mellow yellows also play well with other colors for trim and accents, which makes it easy to switch the look of your home in the future simply by painting the shutters or door a new color. Pair yellow with deep, rich red trim and shutters for a warm and welcoming look.

Subtle greens

Subtle shades of green, such as sage, are wildly popular in interior design and are popping up in neighborhood homes around the country. Both refreshing and calming, muted shades of green are a welcome change from traditional exterior paint colors. They look especially calming when paired with moody blue trim and accents.

There may be several reasons moody hues are growing in popularity for exterior paint colors in 2022. It may simply be that they look great for the home, but it could also be linked to the fact that people are seeking serenity and comfort following the upheaval of the past few years dealing with a pandemic and its stressful aftereffects on people's lifestyles. Whatever the reason, subdued hues are a great way to give your home a new look and up its curb appeal.

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