Painting Ideas For Your Wainscoting

If you've recently moved into a home that has wainscoting on the walls of one or more rooms, you may be considering the many different ways to deal with this type of wood paneling. While some people like the natural look of the wood, others aren't in favor of this look. Ripping out the wainscoting is one idea to consider, but this project can be time-consuming and expensive. Alternatively, you might think about hiring a painting contractor to paint the wood in a color that suits you. Here are some color suggestions to think about.


While there's nothing wrong with having your painter apply a few coats of white paint to your wainscoting, you might feel that ordinary white creates a look that is simply too stark. If you want a light hue, consider using off-white paint. There are many different shades of off-white on the market, each of which can look a little warmer than plain white. If the wainscoting currently has a dark look, you might be surprised at how much more spacious the room feels once there's off-white paint on the wood.


If you want your painted wainscoting to have a splash of color, sage is an option to think about. This color of paint is a gentle shade of green with grayish color notes. It tends to have a slightly cool look to it, which can work well in certain rooms. One major benefit of choosing sage for your wainscoting is that this color can look good with many others. For example, if you have a cream-colored area rug or cream-colored leather furniture in the room, you'll be happy with the look of the sage paint.


It's worthwhile to think about how bold you want the look of your painted wainscoting to be. If you're not afraid to go for a bold look, maroon paint can be an idea to discuss with your painting contractor. The warmth of this hue can add a stylish look to many rooms in which you may have wainscoting, including your dining room or kitchen. There are all sorts of shades of maroon paint on the market, so you can select a color that catches your eye. If you have exposed brick anywhere in your home — covering a support pillar or around a fireplace, for example — a maroon paint that complements the brick color is an idea to consider.

Discuss these and other painting project ideas with a local painting contractor.