Don't Forget These Things When Color Drenching A Room

In the world of interior painting, color drenching is a term that describes when you cover many of the surfaces in a particular room in one color. Conventionally, people will paint the walls of a room in one color, use a different color for the trim, and so on. In a color-drenched room, these things are the same color. Few things can give a room as bold of a look as color drenching, particularly if you choose a vibrant color. If you're interested in trying this design in one of your rooms, reach out to an interior painting professional to do the work. Beyond the walls, door, and trim, you may want to consider having the painter paint these things, too.

Wall Plates

In any given room, there are a number of wall plates that hold electrical outlets, light switches, and more. Wall plates can vary in color, but they often have neutral hues such as white and cream. If you're going to color-drench a room, you'll usually want the wall plates to have the same color. Otherwise, they'll stand out more than you'd like. You can expect that your painting contractor won't simply paint over the wall plates. Instead, they'll remove them and carefully paint over them before replacing them. This will ensure that paint doesn't interfere with their functionality — for example, making a switch difficult to operate.


If you have shelving in the room that is built onto one or more of the walls, it can be a good idea to paint the entire surface of the shelves in the same color as everything else in the room. Doing so will make the shelves a better visual fit in the room. While you'll almost certainly store things in various colors on the shelves, you'll appreciate how well the shelves tie in with the room's overall look.


A lot of people who like the idea of color drenching choose to have their ceiling painted, too. This change can dramatically impact the overall look of the room, but provided that you choose the right color, it can work well. Your painter can talk to you about some suitable color choices for the room. For example, if the room is smaller, it may be better to choose a lighter color — especially if you want the ceiling painted. A darker ceiling in a small room could make the space feel tighter than you want.