Love The Ocean? Consider One Of These Paint Colors

When you're choosing a color of paint to use in one or more rooms of your home, it's fun to choose a shade that reminds you of something that you hold close to your heart. When you make this decision and have a painter expertly apply the paint to your walls, you'll have a space that can bring back fond memories as soon as you enter. For someone who loves the ocean and perhaps has enjoyed numerous special vacations to oceanside locations, it can be fun to shop for a color of paint that has an ocean-related look. Paint stores carry many of these paints, including several that have ocean-themed names. Here are some examples.

Seafoam Green

Seafoam green is a popular color that helps to conjure up memories of being by the ocean. This classic hue incorporates shades of not only green but also blue and gray, giving you a color that is gentle and fresh. This color can be a good choice if you like both blue and green but are having trouble choosing between them. Given that this shade blends elements of both of these shades, it can be a good compromise. The cheerful look of seafoam green can work well in a bedroom, a breakfast nook, or even a sunroom.

Ocean Blue

Few colors can create an ocean-like vibe in your home as much as ocean blue. This exact color can vary a little depending on what paint company you choose, but it's generally a shade of blue that has a slight turquoise tone to it. Ocean blue paint tends to offer a bold look, and while some homeowners might like using it on each of the walls in a room, it can often be better in a more subtle way. Consider using ocean blue on one wall of a room as an accent.


For many people, spending time by the ocean is all about relaxing or playing on the sand. If you have this mindset, sand-colored paint might be the perfect choice for one room of your home. It features light brown and yellowish tones and has an overall warm look. Its gentle appearance can make it work well in large rooms, including your living room or primary bedroom. A large, open basement room can also benefit from this color.

Contact a professional painter in your area for more ideas about interior paint themes.