Are You Designing a Boutique?

Are you trying to get your boutique opened before the holidays? If the building is already constructed, or at least near constructed, then you are more than likely in the process of decorating it. If that's the case, here are two ideas that might help you to design a unique store that will invite your customers to stay and shop.  Painted Walls Do you already know what kind of wall treatment you want for your boutique?

Need A Way To Brighten Up A Child's Room? 3 Tips For Painting

If you're interested in finding a way to brighten up your child's room so that they love the space more and so that you can prevent the room from looking drab, it's a great idea to consider the impact of painting. By painting the bedroom with the following tips in mind, you can ensure that you're able to get the right look and ensure that the project is done well.

Painting Your Dining Room After Redecorating? 3 Tips For Getting The Right Look

After you've recently invested some time and money into remodeling your dining room, you likely want to begin using the room regularly. Before calling the remodeled space finished, it's a good idea to incorporate a fresh coat of paint into the dining room. With so many different choices of paint finish and colors that you can pick from, you'll need to take care to make sure that you pick paint for your dining room that gives the space the look that you want.

What's Involved When You Have Your Kitchen Cabinets Painted

When you want to renovate your kitchen but you have a small budget, painting your cabinets rather than replacing them could be a way to save money. Painting the cabinets a different color transforms your kitchen, and your cabinets will look as good as new -- as long as they are professionally painted. Painting cabinets is more complex than painting walls. Here are a few of the steps involved. Prep The Area

Want To Paint A Mural On Your Building? There Are A Few Things You Need To Do First

Drive into any major city, and you will see murals and advertisements painted on the sides of many buildings. While they can be colorful, informative, or just decorative, some cities consider these murals a nuisance. If you own a building and would like to have an exterior painting crew paint a mural on it, there are a few things you need to do first. Check with the City Regarding Building Painting Regulations

How To Make Your Paint Job Look Pro

Painting the inside of a commercial building is fairly simple. But the hardest part of any interior paint job is creating clean lines. You can paint 99 percent of the wall very quickly and easily, but making the edges and lines look good takes more patience and skill. This article explains how to create the best lines along edges that have and don't have molding. Painting Where Your Don't Have Molding

What To Know About Roof Coatings

Roof care and maintenance can be easy to overlook, but failing to adequately care for this part of a home can lead to serious damages and problems. In particular, individuals that fail to adequately care for their roofs can find that their home suffered extensive water damage. An excellent way of helping to protect your roof and extend its lifespan is to apply a roof coating. What Does A Roof Coating Do?

Two Reasons Why You Should Paint the Walls in Your Home

If you've been looking for a way to spruce up your home, you have a lot of options at your disposal.  You can get new furniture or even do a complete home renovation.  However, an even better option may be to add a coat of paint to the walls in your house.  Use this information to learn more about why painting your walls is the perfect way to transform the look of your home.

Painting Stucco The Right Way

Stucco exteriors lend a home a unique and highly attractive appearance--so long as their paint job remains fresh. Unfortunately, as many homeowners learn the hard way, painting a stucco wall differs from painting other types of cladding. If your home has a stucco exterior in need of fresh paint, read on. This article will arm you with three tips to help ensure your painting efforts are a success. Start by washing the stucco with a pressure washer.

Planning An Interior Painting Project When Your Child Has Asthma

At some point every home interior needs a fresh coat of paint. This is usually an exciting experience because rooms become instantly modernized and revitalized in only a few hours and without a huge investment. The excitement is dampened in homes where children have asthma because of the fear of the paint fumes triggering attacks. There is reason to be concerned, but there are ways to lessen the risk and make the project problem free.

How To Maintain Your Wooden Fence

One of the most beautiful features you can add to your property is a wooden fence. In addition to being visually appealing, a wooden fence also offers practical protection from roaming animals and provides you privacy from the neighbors. You can count on it to keep your children and animals corraled as well. A wooden fence does require some maintenance, however. If you are vigilant, you can keep your new fence in shape for years to come.

Three Reasons Why You Should Leave The Painting Of Your Home's Wooden Siding Up To The Experts

If you have wooden clapboard siding, you know how often you need to maintain the painted or stained panels. The hot sun can cause the paint to dry out, fade and peel over time, making your home look very unkempt. If you think you would like to repaint your home's exterior yourself, you may want to rethink that. Here are three reasons why leaving this job up to exterior painters and experts is a smarter move.

2 Household Remedies To Prevent Paint Blocking From Occuring In Your Home's Interior

Choosing a new paint color for the walls inside of your home can be an exciting and overwhelming process. Painting involves many different components that it can be easy to overlook paint blocking until it is too late. Paint blocking occurs when two freshly painted surfaces come into contact with each other. This usually causes the paint to transfer in order for you to separate the two surfaces. This can easily make your new paint job look incomplete and damaged before it even has a chance to fully dry.

Managing Mildew, Moss And Algae On Exterior Painted Surfaces

Green or black stains on your home's exterior are usually the result of mildew, moss, or algae growth due to moist conditions. A fresh coat of paint may cover these stains, but they will only return if you don't eliminate the underlying cause. The following tips can help you deal with moisture stains and repaint your home successfully. Tip #1: Check the Siding If the stains are on wood siding or trim, it's a smart idea to check for moisture rot before beginning any painting project.

2 Paint Hacks To Help Clean Up Your Paint Job

So, you're ready to paint and you have all the essentials... brushes, rollers,, masking paper, tape. These tools will get the job done, but a few extra products can help make your paint job look even better. Some of these things are not even sold in the paint section and some of them might be lying around your house, but they will be helpful nonetheless. Painting is a difficult job that can get messy even if you do have the right tools.

How To Keep Your Spray Gun Nozzle Clean

If you want to paint the exterior of your home, you would be smart to use a pneumatic spraygun. Trying to paint exteriors with traditional paint brushes and rollers can be very time consuming. Most people don't own a pneumatic spray gun, so they will have to rent one. If you rent a gun, it will likely come with basic operation instructions. However, the instructions do not always adequately explain how to clean your gun.

How To Give Your House A Fresh Look

Have you purchased a home that needs a lot of work to make it look nice? Perhaps your present home is older now and it's just time for you to give it a fresh look. Here are some ideas that might help you to make your house look like it belongs in a decorating magazine. The Outside - Probably one of the best things you can do to the outside of your house is to have it repainted.